Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Charlotte Amalie Sights

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This is a suggested sefl guided walk through Charlotte Amalie, St Thomas

1) Legislature Building
Originally a barracks for Danish troops, dating back to 1874.

2) Fort Christian
This National Historic Landmark was completed by Danish settlers in 1680. Built originally to protect the colony from hostile marauders, It has housed a jail, a governor's residence, a place of worship, and a police station. Currently under renovation and scheduled to be completed some time in 2008.

3) Emancipation Gardens
Commemorates the emancipation of slaves by Danish Governor Peter von Scholten on July 3, 1848.

4) Frederick Lutheran Church
Established in 1666, the same year Erik Smidt took formal possession of St. Thomas in the name of the Danish West India Company. The present building rebuilt in1826.

5) Hotel 1829
This structure offers an ideal example of classic island architecture. It was built as a townhouse for a French sea captain and now serves as an exclusive in-town hotel.

6) Government House
This is the official residence of the Governor of the Virgin Islands. The building was constructed by the Danish Colonial Council between the years 1865 and 1867.

7) Seven Arches Museum
Once a Danish craftsman's residence, it was built in the 19th century featuring a total of seven arches to support the staircase.

8) 99 Steps
One of several 'step-streets' built by the Danes to solve the problem of getting around the town's hilly terrain. The bricks were brought from Denmark as ballasts in the holds of trade ships. Walk to the top (actually 103 steps) and you will find yourself near the foot of more stairs leading to Blackbeard's Castle.

9) Haagensen House
A restored home built in the early 1800s by island entrepreneur Hans Haagensen.The salons and chambers are furnished with period antiques. 9) Blackbeard's Castle Also located just above 99 steps is this Danish watch tower built in the late 1600's. The view from the tower offered a perfect vantage point to spot enemy ships entering the harbor.

10) Blackbeards castle

11) Post Office Square
A full service United States post office is located within the strategically located building that marks the beginning of "Main Street."

12) St. Thomas Reformed Church
Not only is this the oldest congregation in the Virgin Islands; it is also the longest standing denomination with a continuous ministry in the United States.

13) St. Thomas Synagogue
This National Historic Landmark is the second oldest synagogue in the western hemisphere. The original synagogue was built by Sephardic Jews in 1796 and was rebuilt in 1833.

14) Market Square
People come here from all over the island to sell fresh fruit, fish, sauces, and vegetables. Traditionally, the busiest market day is Saturday; vendors arrive hours before dawn

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